Thursday, October 14, 2010


A shattered reflection stares through me
With eyes that refuse to see
There is unseen grace in the mirror
Replaced by the mask that is me

A glimpse of light behind confusion
Strains through the tears I’ve shed
Adversity has cleared a path of doubt
From the thorn-laden roads I’ve bled

A fire that burned from deep within
Has settled to glowing dust
I draw my face in the shallow surface
To renew my worth, and trust

A promise of hope still pulls me onward
From this dark and crowded tomb
Joy parallels my wayward trials
And drift in and out of the plume

‘Trust me’ says the voice of faith
‘And take each moment in stride’
‘Hold your head high’ it reminds me
‘For your best is still inside’

These fears and doubts are fading;
Let go, and set my soul free
There is beauty in these ashes
And the breathtaking image is me

I wrote this one for me. I needed to remind myself to look for the strength and beauty that I know is there.

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