Thursday, November 11, 2010

November Blog Series: Day 11

Day eleven. Second day into the double digits.

As I’m sitting here typing this, I am listening to the pitch of the laughter and rambunctiousness swirling around the living room and kitchen. It has been a wonderfully chaotic day, and even with all of the crowded noise, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My heart feels full.

And so does my belly. Mercy! Earlier this evening, there were 20 people in the house, including four very lively children (all under the age of four). Between the two giant briskets my dad cooked today, the five racks of ribs (uncle), potato salad, cole slaw, ranch potatoes (for those that don’t like potato salad), baked beans, homemade rolls, apple crisp and banana pudding…wait…did I miss anything?...nope…we are all sufficiently, blissfully and miserably stuffed sick. Although, my cousins Jared and Blake, stole the show with how much food they consumed. I feel like ralphing just thinking about it. Not surprising though. Both of them are about the size of two NFL linebackers, so it makes sense that they need a substantial amount of food for their bodies to function. I think they have extra hidden compartments in their legs, and when they stand up from the table they just give their bodies a good shimmy and shake and then, poof, more room.

After dinner, the men folk retreated to watch football, while the women folk bathed the children. How does stuff always manage to end up encrusted in the hair? But, forty-five minutes later, we ended up with four clean kids snug in their jammies, five towels, half a dozen bath toys in various places of the bathroom and hallway, and one very soaked bathroom floor. Smiles.

I am also the proud owner of a new car! At least, it’s new to me. It’s a dark silver Volkswagen Passat. It’s cool. And I love the turbo-charged engine. Boy, does it zing! Wheeeeeeeee! Lots of fun around the curves. What? I had to test out its maneuverability and steering capabilities. For safety reasons. Wanted to make sure I was buying a car that was fun…um…I mean, safe, to drive and easy to handle.

And, oh my word! I had no idea car insurance was so expensive! Granted, I haven’t owned a car in three years (don’t ask how I managed – it was next to impossible), but between yesterday and today, I have a big chunk of money missing from my savings. It’s totally worth it! There’s just something about having your own vehicle that adds to your independence. More smiles.

Tomorrow evening is my parents’ party. We still have to finish the wine bottles and the music playlist. And my cousin Jackie and I are still conspiring to sneak in some Poison and Beyoncé. We will prevail…when most of the “riper aged crowd” begins to matriculate out the door.

Gotta go for the evening. Lots to get done before I get to check my eyelids for light leaks. My ears might be ringing from the constant buzz of noise today, but that buzzing will graduate to a very large chainsaw once I hit my pillow.

Nighty night, friends. May your life be blessed enough to fall asleep and wake up every day with a smile.

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