Sunday, November 7, 2010

November Blog Series: Day 7

Good morning, friends! Day seven (also my lucky number) has started out to be a lovely, crisp autumn day. Note the maroon color on the image to the right…

That’s ‘cause the Wrecking Crew is back! WHOOP!! My boys brought it to last night’s game, beating No. 8 ranked OU 33-19! Yeah, baby! I’m proud to be an Aggie every day, but this morning I’m just a little more smug than usual. This coming weekend, we face the leaders of the Big 12 – the Baylor Bears. Between Baylor’s offense and A&M’s defense, it should make for a pretty competitive game. Then again, A&M has only lost to Baylor, like, twice in the last two decades. Still...

And just in case you wanna see for yourself just how great the Aggies are, check out the video highlights of the OU game from Aggie Athletics on Facebook: (You'll have to copy and paste it, since my html doesn't seem to be working to support the link.) Did you happen to catch that 100 yard touchdown??? Greatness! I love being ranked!

I also love waking up in a good mood. I attribute that to several factors:

a) Aggie victory
b) Exciting things on the horizon
c) Had a huge bowl of guacamole dip and cheesy beef fajita enchiladas for dinner last night
d) Extra hour of sleep, in addition to the induced coma brought about by said Mexican food
e) Great dreams last night (the kind from which you don’t want to wake)

This week, my family from Seattle is flying here to spend time with us Texans. My aunt (who is also my godmother), her boys, their wives and three grandchildren, will be arriving this coming Wednesday, and I can hardly wait to throw my arms around them. I haven’t seen them in over two years. We can get pretty loud and rowdy when all of us are together (especially where football is concerned). By the end of their stay, I figure I should drop a healthy five pounds or so – just from laughing so hard.

Among the excitement on the horizon, this coming Friday evening, my sister and I are hosting a celebration for my parents. Originally, we were labeling it a “Century Party” due to the fact that both of my parents are turning 60, and this year marks their 40th wedding anniversary (60 + 40 = 100). Now we’re just calling it a “celebration” since it includes Dad’s retirement, too. Good times! There’s lots to do this week to get prepared. Going to have to get busy later today and start compiling music for the occasion. And cut the bottoms of the wine bottles for the hurricane candle lamps. And pick up supplies this week. And get a final head count for the caterer by Tuesday. And…

Wow. How blessed are we.

Well, it’s a beautiful, sunny day outside. Don’t want to waste any of it sitting indoors at the computer. Headed to campus later with my sister to take some photographs.

Good luck to you hunters. Don’t shoot anything that ‘moos’ or ‘barks’ (or stands on two legs).

And one more thing…Farmers Fight! WHOOOOOOOP!!!

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