Monday, November 1, 2010

November Blog Series: Day 1

So…today begins my daily blog series for the month of November. I’ve been challenged to write and publish every single day of this month. This should be interesting. It’s one thing to write about something when the mood strikes, but it’s quite another to have to come up with material on the fly, while still attempting to maintain some aspect of creativity. It goes without saying that when one is required to do something, the notion is often approached with less enthusiasm than if the act were instead spontaneous.

I anticipate that some of my posts may be shorter than usual…or longer…or strange. Well, let’s face it, “warped” is already resting comfortably in the corner of my mind, so I imagine you can expect lots of unpredictable, idiosyncratic material. Somehow, I’m going to force myself to surrender to my thought processes, and let the brainwaves flow through my fingers to produce what will, undoubtedly, be a series of my most exigent writing exercises yet.

Since I plan to treat this as a journal, of sorts, I’ll begin today’s topic with the consumption of weird food combinations. By none other than yours truly.

This morning, I had big plans to get out of bed early and go for a walk with my dogs. I swear to you that someone must have snuck in during the night and tied me to my bed, for I awoke around 9:30 still comfortably sprawled across it. Perhaps this “person” shut off my alarm, too, because I slept clean through my snooze tune (excerpt of Scorponok from the “Transformers” soundtrack). Sneaky. Thank you.

After lying in bed and staring at the ceiling fan for a while, I finally got up and ate some breakfast. A cold slice of leftover pepperoni pizza, a slice of white cake with yellow butter cream icing (from Halloween), and a glass of chocolate milk. I know. But, I’ve always heard that if you’re gonna eat junk, then morning is the best time to do it. Following my indulgence, I sent out some emails, gave myself a pedicure, worked on a couple of designs for Texas A&M’s Department of Animal Science Holiday celebration, surfed the web (for shoes, of course!), and played a game of Scrabble on my old iPhone.

For lunch, I scrounged up some deli ham from the fridge, which I rolled up and dipped in ranch dressing, and topped it off with a handful of chips from the pantry. Oh, and I finished off the chocolate milk. Directly following lunch, I sat on the couch and stared out of the living room windows at the front yard for a while. I watched the squirrels fluff their tails as they picked around the grass under the birdfeeder, looking for tidbits. I watched the leaves fall from the trees, scattering in the yard with the breeze. I also stared at the wall, though there was nothing on it except for the drywall texture covered by moss green paint. Sitting here typing this, now, I realize that I was subconsciously avoiding this very task.

My afternoon will continue to be lazy. I’m thinking seriously of taking a nap. The weather outside is overcast and breezy – a perfect blend to lull me right to sleep. After my nap, I will probably pick on the guitar for a bit, and then do laundry. I lead an exciting life don’t I?

Maybe I’ll continue my streak of weird foods this afternoon. Wonder what Cheetohs dipped in peanut butter tastes like. Ooooh, maybe even on a sandwich…with pickles!

And, Monday, though you are the armpit of the days of the week, you bring the promise of a fresh start to an optimistic hope of productiveness. Plus, you’re only four days away from Friday.

Signing off now. Need to go chug some Pepto Bismol.

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