Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Blog Series: Day 14

Good evening, friends. It’s day fourteen. Sixteen days to go. (And only 11 until Thanksgiving!)

As I’m typing this, my cousin, Blake, and I are flipping back and forth between the channels, trying to watch the Cowboys vs. Giants and the Seahawks vs. Cardinals simultaneously. There is a healthy little competition going. We have wagered a whole dollar (cheap!). He’s betting against the Cowboys and I’m betting against the Seahawks. Right now, the Cowboys are actually ahead (33-20) AND Kitna is playing (against Manning). This could turn out to be a monumental evening.

And speaking of football, the Aggies tore it up last night against Baylor! Yeah, baby! The Wrecking Crew rocked! I called it low, so it figures that it would be a high scoring game. I’m not that great with keeping up with statistics and estimating the outcome, but I do a fantastic job at screaming loudly at the television and jumping up and down with enthusiasm (it helps – I swear it does). Baylor’s offense is not to be underestimated. They kept us on our toes. Especially when Griffin gets his legs going. He’s like a freakin’ gazelle! Of course, Tannehill and Gray led the team in some of the best defensive plays I’ve seen yet out of the Aggies. The final score was 42-30, and though I’m certain the Aggies could’ve gotten one last touchdown with a minute left in the fourth, the game was called. Mike Sherman has more class than to further rub salt in the wound.

Today is my niece’s birthday. There are a slew of people standing outside around the campfire, and I can smell wafts of roasting hotdogs each time someone opens the back door. Between that and the aroma of the homemade chili cooking in the crockpot, my mouth is sufficiently watering. The kids have just about worn themselves out on the inflated bouncer and the shrieks and shrills of their laughter are such a joyous noise. Can’t wait for cake and presents. How very blessed are we to celebrate another year with my niece (and extended family).

Yesterday evening, we didn’t get to have our “big kids” night out as planned. All of us were too engrossed in the football game. So, we’re shooting for it tonight. The kids (little ones) will get all sugared up and left with the grandfolks, and the big’uns will head out soon for some bowling, laser tag, pool and arcade games. Thank goodness I’m off tomorrow. I’m gonna take full advantage of sleeping in…with the cold, overcast weather outside...snuggled under the covers…ahhhhh…ya just gotta love the simple things in life.

Have a busy week ahead of me. Lots of things happening, and some major decisions to be made. Cutting this one short so I can go spend time with my family. Some of them are leaving to head back to Seattle in the morning, while the rest of them get to stay until the end of the week. It’s been such a privilege to be able to spend time with them. I so love them.

Better go get some chili before it gets cold. Have a splendid evening, friends. Don’t forget to enjoy the brisk fall weather. And hug your loved ones close.

Sending out a very Happy Birthday wish to my niece, Aislynn. Aunt Kellie loves you so much. You are a precious and wonderful gift from God.

And go Cowboys!!!

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