Friday, November 12, 2010

November Blog Series: Day 12

Good morning! Welcome to day twelve. It’s a beautiful Friday. There’s air in my lungs, a smile on my face, a new car in my driveway, party tonight, football and fun tomorrow…wow! What a great way to kick off the weekend!

Since my night will undoubtedly be busy laughing, mingling, eating fajitas and dancing, I am posting early today. Don’t worry, though. I have a few ideas for some interesting topics next week.

So, last night after the majority of the crowd left my parents’ house, there were six of us sitting in the living room, talking and watching “Grey’s Anatomy”. The DVR interrupted football, but my dad was a good sport about it. Daddy sat in his recliner, Jackie sat in the other recliner, Blake stretched out on the loveseat (feet hanging off because he’s so tall) and Aunt Phyllis sat in the rocking chair. I was curled up at the opposite end of the couch from Mom, and was glued to my laptop getting ready to post my blog.

I will try to reiterate the following conversation as accurately as possible…

Daddy (referring to me): “What are you on over there?”
Jackie (jokingly): “Drugs?”
**a round of laughter from everyone**
Me: “Working on posting my blog.”
Daddy: “What is a blog?”
Me: “It’s kind of like a short story, or daily account of life and events. For fun. You know, I just write and tell.”
**Daddy gets a puzzled look on his face**
Daddy: “Well, who are you tellin’?”
**Blake about falls off the loveseat from laughing so hard**
Me (laughing, too): “Whoever reads it. My public.”
**discussion about the invention of blogging ensues**
Blake: “Are you on Twitter?”
Me: “Yes, but really only for my business.”
Daddy: “What is a Twitter?”
Mom: “A brief version of a blog.”
**Daddy looks confused, and mildly amused**
Blake: “Do you tweet about blogging?”
Me: “Sometimes.”
**discussion about the different venues of social media begins**
Me (again): “You ‘blurb’ on Twitter. Kind of like Facebook.”
Daddy: “Wouldn’t you call that a ‘twit’?”
Mom (to my dad): “Not a twit, dear, a ‘tweet’.”
**Daddy shakes his head, smiling**

I can’t recall the rest of the conversation. It was hard to concentrate while laughing so hard. Of course, for the remainder of the evening all of us made wisecracks about the new terms my dad had learned. Like, when a “suggestive” scene began to take place, someone would interject, “Uh oh, looks like someone’s gonna start ‘blogging’.” Or, when a cute commercial would come on, someone would say, “Awww, isn’t that ‘tweet’?”

My dad has only recently become accustomed to the internet. He, Google and eBay have become the Three Amigos. I’ve loaded iTunes on his computer for him, along with lots and lots of songs for his entertainment, but I still think he feels overwhelmed. Slowly, he is learning about the vast outreaches of cyberspace. It’s made for some interesting topics of conversation. Ya just gotta love my dad, though. If I have anything to do with it, I will eventually get him on Facebook. The world might cease to turn, but mark my words – it will happen.

That is all for today, friends. Have fun with all of the blurbing, blogging tweeting and posting!

Until next time…

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